VSimulator facility at Exeter Science Park

VSimulator facility at Exeter Science Park


Installation of the VSimulator facility at Exeter Science Park is well underway, following a week long operation with multiple project partners to assemble the motion platform.  

Engineers from experience designers Holovis, who created the virtual reality scenes for the Exeter VSimulator, installed the hoist and stays for the head mounted display tray, using a mobile elevating work platform.  

The platform was then craned out to make way for the installation of the motion platform baseplate, which was shipped from E2M Technologies in Amsterdam. 

Under the supervision of Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure, the University of Exeter, Holovis, steel fabricators Kenex and Devon Lifting Services operated a complex sequence of heavy lifting, culminating in the baseplate sitting in position in the VSimulators chamber. 

Holovis used lasers to ensure the baseplate was level on the 50 tonne block and the University of Exeter team checked how much the block and the VSimulator floor slab moved in relation to each other and measured the low levels of ambient vibration. 

Holes were then drilled into the block for the anchor bolts and epoxy grout was laid in the gap between the baseplate and the block. The grout set over the weekend and the motors and flex plates – the mechanical parts of the motion platform – were unpacked and assembled, ready to support the upper platform. 

The upper platform was craned into the VSimulator chamber, guided onto the flex rod assembly and air supports and the bolts tightened. 

The Exeter VSimulator is due to launch in Spring 2019. For more information, please visit https://vsimulators.co.uk/ 

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