Since acquiring the famous Goonhilly satellite station in 2014, our team has worked hard to create a multi-faceted space hub, which is forging ahead with a number of commercial and scientific endeavours.

First, we are a premier satellite ground station. However, we use all our space communication knowledge and experience in multiple directions: Deep Space, Supercomputing, Advanced Manufacturing, Consultancy and Education/Training.

We have achieved significant, rapid success not only winning contracts with the world’s major satellite operators, but also supporting nine universities, helping to form an exciting games development company (Stormtide) with Falmouth University, being awarded Enterprise Zone status by the UK government, establishing the fastest commercial data connectivity in the south west of the UK with 100 GBit/s connections available and launching the world’s first commercial deep space communications service.

Data Centre, AI Capabilities & Aspirations

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the ability to analyse ever increasing and varied data sets – this is the next frontier in innovation. But most organisations face significant challenges in doing this at scale, including cost, skills and data complexity. Accelerate workloads in a private, dedicated environment on Goonhilly’s advanced cloud-based HPC platform. Accessed through our vScaler Managed Services platform and built around high-end GPUs and lightning quick storage powered by HPE and Nvidia, we offer provisioning of new IT services in minutes. Choose shared cloud-based services or applications, and scale to public or hybrid cloud environments on-demand - all using a single, simple management portal for your research, rendering, and AI applications, just to name a few.

We have also just received funding via the government’s Getting Building Fund for building a space ‘AI’ institute and receiver factory. This project will involve commercial operators across sectors including space, data science, and high-performance computers as well as a consortium of universities to progress innovation in space-related artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, machine learning and advanced manufacturing. It will allow us to establish manufacturing and specialist test facilities at Goonhilly for deep space, radio astronomy, and space telecommunication receivers for new and existing markets across the UK and internationally.

Key STEM Offerings

At Goonhilly we offer a range of courses designed for various stages of education and training related to satellite communications, space mission operations, general STEM aspects of our work, as well as art

(STEAM). Our programmes include:

> Placements around research, technical and business aspects, for students in secondary and tertiary education

> Space Mission Operations training for professionals and university students

> Business and communication engineering training in Africa (with our university partners through the DARA and DARA Big Data projects)

Key Contact Details 

+44 (0)800 043 7768

Twitter: @goonhillyorg 




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