SpaceTech Incubation Programme

With funding from the UK Space Agency, the Centre has delivered several business incubation programmes, engaging with regional entrepreneurs and businesses looking to innovate within the space sector.

Space data and technologies reach almost every commercial sector from agriculture, engineering, health, mining, sports, sustainability and tourism. Creative ideas from businesses are diverse from the development of apps using communications and tracking, to earth observation used in the agritech and marine sectors to monitor the natural capital from the earth’s resources.

During the two day programme, delivered by the world leading SETsquared business incubator, the entrepreneurs identify customer profiles, explore market segments, build a financial model and use tools to validate their business understanding. The businesses are then invited to an event where they deliver their business pitches receiving candid feedback through 1:1 speed mentoring.

Watch ‘SpaceTech’ in action, and hear how participants have benefited:

Despite the changes to our working lives due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we encourage businesses to register interest in joining the next SpaceTech Programme. Applications can be submitted through the website and the Centre will keep in touch with future plans.

‘I’m seeing more and more innovations coming through, and I’ve seen a lot more interest in Earth Observations to solve important issues like Climate Change. It’s really important now, and it’s going to be increasingly important going forward.’

Portia Bircher, Local Growth Manager, UK Space Agency

Business Support Case Study - Data Duopoly

Data Duopoly Co-Founders, Tanuvi Ethunandan and Erin Morris joined our SpaceTech programme, and subsequently incorporated ‘Data Duopoly’ as a limited business. They were also funded by AeroSpace Cornwall to join the ‘Cornwall Space’ cluster at the UK Space Conference, and won ‘Pitch to the Primes’:

Data Duopoly is on a mission to revolutionise the visitor experience in any venue worldwide, and we continue to support their innovative developments and collaborative funding opportunities.

Data Duopoly solve the issue of congestion and frustrations experienced by visitors by facilitating personalised incentives to discover and navigate venues.

In the current climate, they have developed a digital tool to help maintain social distancing at venues, by dispersing crowds on-site via in-app notifications.

They have gained traction, by piloting their innovative technology with the Eden Project, and now have plans with the National Trust Cornish Tin Coast Partnership.

Their Xplor-IT solution enables location data insights to be gathered and increases concessionary spending on-site, while visitors benefit from a personalised digital experience at venues.

To find out more, check out their website: or send them an email at


The SWCoESA team are keen to collaborate, and help to accelerate your innovations empowered by satellites, so please get in touch!

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