Meet the team you never knew you needed

AeroSpace Cornwall is a passionate team of people who support businesses working on projects in research, development and innovation (RD&I). We offer technical and commercial support for businesses across Cornwall, and beyond, who are looking to pivot into the space and aerospace sectors.

We exist to unlock the future of your business by helping to navigate incredible opportunities for diversification; ensuring you are part of the new tech revolution in Cornwall. In other words – we are the team you never knew you needed.

We work with businesses from a broad range of sectors - you don’t need to have any experience in space or aerospace. You could be currently working in manufacturing, engineering, software, digital, mining, or even AI, with no idea that your business has the potential to become part of the ever-expanding space and aerospace supply chains - that’s what we’re here for, to help bridge the gap between industries.

How to bridge that gap

Through the development of software applications in the satellite communications, earth observation, navigation and meteorology areas. Or it can be harnessing and applying data from space (such as sat data or GPS data). Or it can be manufacturing a piece of kit that sits on a satellite or aeroplane - the sky is definitely not the limit.

How does our support work?

> Need to understand your market? Let us help you to meet potential customers, suppliers and experts to confirm if your product or service is commercially viable.

> Need a cash injection? We can award match funding for R&D of up to 60k so you can focus on product development.

> We also offer up to 20 hours of expert advice, tailored to your requirements, to ensure you can demonstrate your product and take it to market.

Alongside this we have a dedicated team on hand to help you navigate these new industries, to work directly with your business and accelerate its growth.

The team at AeroSpace Cornwall are ready to discuss your ideas and the funding available for you, so you can adapt your business or technologies.


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