Exist Insight ISSUE 13

Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship Benefits 

  • Access to an extensive network of local companies (currently ~250) with wide and varied interests in science and technology.
  • Engage with participants at ExIST’s quarterly open public meetings as well as at specialist workshops.
  • Align profile with high growth potential local SMEs and larger organisations at the forefront of their industries and also with those that the Exeter Science Park attracts over the coming years.
  • Assistance from a dedicated ExIST public relations team to support collaborations with press releases and photo opportunities.
  • Opportunities for features and interviews in ExIST's science and tech publication, Insight
  • Enhanced profile to Exeter Chamber membership (500).
  • Active involvement in providing specialist workshops to ExIST members.
  • Exclusivity of involvement within relevant organisation categorisation.
  • Promotion of involvement to ExIST membership via:
    • Logo on pop-up banner at all ExIST public meetings and workshops;
    • Logo space in Insight;
    • Logo, brief corporate descriptor, and links to sponsor website on ExIST website; and
    • Display of relevant literature at ExIST public meetings and workshops.