Exist Insight ISSUE03

Energy Independence in Exeter by 2025

Written: 28 March 2017

Exeter City Futures recently announced the publication of a report entitled Energy Independence 2025.

This was written by City Science for Exeter City Futures with the aim of understanding more about this subject and the potential opportunities for the Exeter region to be energy independent and congestion free by 2025.

The report considers how well the Exeter region is placed to unlock a thriving energy sector and the opportunities for the region to become a model for cities around the world seeking to overcome their own energy supply challenges.

The Exeter region has access to abundant and wide-ranging natural energy resources offering vast untapped potential for generating low carbon energy. The report predicts that the region’s demand for energy will rise by 13% by 2025 due to forecast household and business growth and the associated increase in transport demand. It documents the significant scope for reducing demand, increasing generation and developing new innovations over this timeframe that could contribute to delivering a sustainable future for the region.

More information and to download the report visit: www.exetercityfutures.com