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Family Xmas Lecture: Light Fantastic: the Science of Colour

Written: 24 November 2015

The science of light and colour is important for an enormous number of reasons: observing and understanding the universe in astronomy; diagnosis and treatment processes in medicine; and for efficient communications and signal processing in various industries. This talk will be presented in a way to excite young people attending with their parents. It will elucidate the basic concepts of this science and show how both the biological world and technology are making the most of light’s very special properties. It will include fun demonstrations and activities to help elucidate the science of colour; and how the use of light has created the world we live in today and will shape the world we will live in tomorrow.
The presenter is Professor Pete Vukusic who is Professor of BioPhotonics in the School of Physics at the University of Exeter. He leads a research group investigating the ways in which animals and plants have evolved strategies for generating and manipulating light and colour.