Exist Insight ISSUE 04

Ethical and Green Careers case studies needed

By Richard Tarrant

Written: 23 March 2012

We have received a request for assistance from Richard Tarrant, a careers writer who is looking for Ambassadors who may be interested in acting as case studies for a careers guide on Ethical and Green Careers.  The guide will be published by Babcock Lifeskills and is part of a series of guides for 13 - 19 year-olds.  It will be sent to schools and colleges across the UK.


Ambassadors should be under 30 years old and working in a relevant career (ie renewables etc).

Participating Ambassadors

Richard will let me know which Ambassadors will be profiled in the final booklet.  I will then log the activity and let the relevant Contract Holders know.

For reference, this activity is free-of-charge and will be of eventual benefit to students between 5 and 19 years old.  As such, this will count as a STEM Ambassador activity (multischool, though the ‘no schools’ box will be ticked with appropriate explanation given).  It will therefore count towards Ambassador targets:  Activities like these are a useful way to engage Ambassadors who may not be available during office hours and who may therefore have been inactive for a while.   

Further action

If your Ambassadors would be interested in this, please let them know.  The timeframe is short - Richard needs to hear within a fortnight - and I realise this may not fit the newsletter timetable for some of you.  I have suggested some possible newsletter or email text below in case it is helpful, though of course you may wish to edit it for your own style.

Interested Ambassadors should be asked to contact Richard Tarrant directly on richard.tarrant46@gmail.com. If you wish to ask Ambassadors to contact you in the first instance before you introduce them to Richard, that is no problem.

A copy of the guide will go to participating Ambassadors, and they are hoping to send one to STEMNET Head Office, but unfortunately we are unlikely to be able to obtain any more copies. 


Ethical and Green Careers - case studies needed

Ambassadors under 30 years-old working in careers relating to ethical or ecological issues are sought to contribute to a careers guide that will be sent to schools and colleges nationwide.  The guide looks at Ethical and Green Careers and will be published by Babcock Lifeskills.

The time commitment would be less than one hour and there would be no travel involved: the communication would be done entirely by phone or email.  You would be asked to send a few photographs to illustrate the text.  You would be sent a list of standard questions, and a deadline by which a response would be appreciated.  You would be sent both a draft for approval, and a copy of the final product.

If you are interested, please contact Richard Tarrant on richard.tarrant46@gmail.com.