• Business

    Optimising interaction between companies

    • Sharing best practice
    • Enabling procurement and supply chain opportunities
    • Expanding local networking and collaboration
    • Increasing awareness of activites
  • Awareness

    Raising the profile of Exeter as a centre for Science and Technology

    • Supporting recruitment, apprenticeships and training opportunities
    • Increasing employment opportunities for University graduates
    • Encouraging inward investment, industry clusters, and start-ups
    • Informing the Government of public and private sector initiatives
  • Knowledge

    Building relationships between education and business

    • Enabling knowledge transfer between education and research centres and local businesses
    • Building closer links with local education providers to develop skills and encourage ambition
    • Raising awareness of the science and technology base and its excellence
    • Linking with training providers to highlight the training on offer in Exeter, see www.existexeter.co.uk/training
  • Investment

    Participating in Government initiatives and investment

    • Increasing trade and investment
    • Signposting and facilitating access to services
    • Facilitating and promoting an Exeter Science and Technology business community
    • Providing a focal point for public sector support
    • Aiding infrastructure, investment and support

ExIST Insight

Issue 5 A focus on science, technology & innovation for the business community

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The ExIST group was founded by Exeter Chamber of Commerce and Industry in association with Exeter's leading research and development organisations. The group has come together to showcase science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine in Exeter.

Latest news

  1. Lightfoot appoints Rupert Lyon Taylor as Managing Director  of fleet division

    Lightfoot appoints Rupert Lyon Taylor as Managing Director of fleet division

      Exeter-based Lightfoot, the award-winning in-vehicle technology and driver rewards platform, has recently announced the promotion of Rupert Lyon Taylor to the position of Managing Director of its fleet division.

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  2. Geoengineering risks losers as well as winners for climate and wildfire risks

        Artificially altering the climate system to limit global warming to 1.

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  3. Exeter to train more of Tomorrow’s Doctors

    Exeter to train more of Tomorrow’s Doctors

    The Government has granted permission for the University of Exeter Medical School to train an additional 88 Medicine students each year, in a major boost to the South West.

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